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What to consider when buying a garage door


Aluminum Garage Doors

+ Resistant to corrosion

– Sensitive to extreme heat

– Dents easily

Fiberglass Garage Doors 

+ Resistant to corrosion & warping

– Cracks with age 

Steel Garage Doors

+ Durability

– Less insulation

Vinyl Garage Doors

+ Durability

– Less insulated without additional materials 

Wood Garage Doors

+ Naturally superior insulation

+ Beautiful, classic appearance

– Very heavy

– Difficult manual operation 

Wood Composite Garage Doors 

+ Affordable 

+ Resistant to rot

– Easily chips/cracks


The garage is often a primary and one of the largest entrances to your home. It is important to install an insulated door to prevent heat loss and maintain your home’s energy efficiency. Insulation will also increase the sound isolation of the garage door operation. 


A garage door’s R-value measures the effectiveness of the insulation. The measurement is determined by the garage door’s type of insulation, material, and thickness. The higher the R-value, the slower the transmission of heat. This means in the winter there is less cold air leaking into your garage and in the summer there is less heat coming in. 


The two most common types of insulation are polystyrene and polyurethane. 



+ Less expensive

+ Waterproof

+ Insulation R2 to R10


+Best insulator, but more expensive

+ Adds support to door

+ More resistant to damage

+Decreases noise emitted from the door operation 


It can be overwhelming with all the choices of style when it comes to garage doors. Use the following design questions to start your creation: 

Choose a Type

Sectional, Roll-Up, Slide to the Side, Side Hinged, Tilt-up Canopy, Tilt-up Retractable  

Choose a Style

Different options based on the manufacturer. Scroll down to see some common options! 

Choose a Color 

Solid Colors (white, gray, almond, sandtone, black, brown, etc.)

Accent Woodtones (cedar, mahogany, oak, walnut, driftwood, etc.) 


Position (1st row, 2nd row, etc.)

Glass (plain, obscure, tinted, etc.)

Inserts (stockton, prairie, cascade, etc.)

Decorative Hardware? 

Hinges (spade, heritage, bean, etc.)

Handles (traditional, iron studs, etc.)

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